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In a small Ukrainian village they dance, two beautiful girls from poverty-stricken families. They don't dance for joy or happiness. They dance to supplement their parents' meager earnings. The joy seems far away.

These two beautiful young women can’t dance in public without attracting attention, sometimes of the worst kind. Trapped in a web of deceit, sex, and tyranny, the two friends flee, seeking a new life in England, where they settle in London’s notorious Soho district.

London in the 20th century, proves fertile ground for the two young women. Finally they succeed in their endeavors and reach the heights of success that they could only dream of upon arriving in a new country.

Success comes with a price, with both women exposed to setbacks, cunning adversaries, and tragedy. The happiness and love they deserve threatens to elude them. Will they ever dance for joy?

Monty Silverstone, founder of the Rancho Santa Fe Players in 2005, is a well-known actor, author, and drama coach in Southern California.

Father of actor Alicia (Clueless), Kezi, and David, Monty and his wife Didi live in Rancho Santa Fe, California, with their three dogs.

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"Monty Silverstone brings us a big novel that is filled with “action, excitement, struggles, career successes, Hollywood and Broadway, and intrigue."
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- Amos Lassen -

"Monty Silverstone is successful in recreating the tenor of the period from 1902 through 1940 with terse, tense, staccato writing, moving into a legato style when sharing the many intimate erotic love scenes this book provides."
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- Grady Harp -

"Fast-Moving Novel Has Lots of Excitement, Romance and Life...I really enjoyed reading this book and will be watching to see if Silverstone publishes a sequel or another novel. Reading just one somehow is not enough.
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- Emory Daniels -

"Fans of historical and romantic fiction will appreciate the wide range of experiences and circumstances encompassed in Forever Lasts till Dawn as Aleca and Sarah rise above the trials and tribulations of the times to embrace the beauty and pleasures of life."
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- Pallas Gates McCorquodale -

Forever Lasts Till Dawn | Monty Silverstone

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Monty Silverstone

Monty Silverstone is the accomplished actor and father of Hollywood actress and star Alicia Silverstone. Monty Silverstone is proud to announce, semi-private and private acting classes for all actors, beginners to the professionals who are serious about developing their talent.

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  • No more than six in a class
  • Individual Training
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  • Scene Study
  • Cold Reading from Scripts
  • Commercials
  • Improvisation
  • Auditioning
  • Public Speaking
  • Job Advancement
  • TV, Film and Stage Study

Our classes are offered on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday during the daytime. They are extremely effective for building self confidence and they will help you land a career In acting. Also effective in job advancement and public speaking.

Philip Van Oppen from Rancho Santa Fe, California – I took Monty’s classes for three years and I am still going. Ingenious casting and the use of proven scripts engage the students. Drawing on his solid stage and film experience, Monty nurtures new talent with minimal direction to impressive performances. The acting experience landed me stage roles and a part in a movie which is scheduled for release this summer. Some of Silverstone’s students are veterans, such as Greg Lefevre, former CNN Bureau Chief and newscaster and Victoria Mature, the soprano, singer and actress daughter of the 40’s-50’s star Victor Mature. We performed together in the Monty Silverstone’s Rancho Santa Fe Players Production of “Bad Habits’, the Broadway play.

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Monty Silverstone
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Del Mar - Solana Beach - Rancho Santa Fe

GET THE ROLE NOW Monty Silverstone has written a manual, 8 1/2 x 11 1/2 75 pages, The A-Z of Acting and Auditioning for All Ages. This is a concise and highly valuable guide that covers everything you will ever need to know to get the part.


Monty Silverstone Monty Silverstone, father of Hollywood Star of "Clueless", was born in London right in the heart of the Theatre District. He studied acting at the Italia Conti Stage School with Anthony Newley. Monty has guest starred in "Unsolved Mysteries" and has appeared in numerous films and commercials. He is best known as Fagin in "Oliver" with over 150 performances. For the last four years, Monty Silverstone has been directing and teaching acting and has formed the Rancho Santa Fe Players.

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