Some of the Many Testimonials Received

Greg Lefevre, Former CNN Bureau Chief, Cardiff by the Sea, California – One of the most enjoyable elements of Monty Silverstone’s instruction is the ease with which he transfers his encyclopedic knowledge of the craft to his students. From the basics of memorization and nervousness to the finer elements of diction, phrasing, movement and transitions, Monty helps you become a complete actor. He wants you to succeed. As a student of Monty Silverstone, you know you are in the presence of an accomplished actor who wants you to be one, too. His techniques build on your abilities. You get better each time. You know more each time. Without ego, he brings you into his world of successful acting. He maneuvers you through the minutia of tics and twitches to the grand spectacle of oration. You learn, you enjoy, you succeed. And learn yet more. His classes are pure joy…and significant accomplishment.

Philip Van Oppen from Rancho Santa Fe, California – I took Monty’s classes for three years and I am still going. Ingenious casting and the use of proven scripts engage the students. Drawing on his solid stage and film experience, Monty nurtures new talent with minimal direction to impressive performances. The acting experience landed me stage roles and a part in a movie which is scheduled for release this summer. Some of Silverstone’s students are veterans, such as Greg Lefevre, former CNN Bureau Chief and newscaster and Victoria Mature, the soprano, singer and actress daughter of the 40’s-50’s star Victor Mature. We performed together in the Monty Silverstone’s Rancho Santa Fe Players Production of “Bad Habits’, the Broadway play.

Cheryl Smith from Rancho Santa Fe, California – There’s immediacy, a pragmatic approach to becoming professional as quickly as possible in Monty’s classes, which in my experience, sets him apart from other acting teachers. It’s a given that it’s our job as actors to do all the internal work. Monty helps us find our imagination—discovering and defining who our character is, who we’re talking to, what the situation is and where have we just been and where are we going. We’re called upon on a regular basis to apply these techniques—and others—like cold reading, improvisations and scene study and as scary as it may be to be put on the spot so often, it’s a limbering-up process which is irreplaceable. I am learning to be in shape, like an athlete, on my toes, ready to incorporate everything I know about my craft at a moment’s notice.

Christine Agresti of Oceanside, California – I started taking Monty’s scene and semi-private classes about two years ago. I came into his classes not knowing a whole lot about film, TV and commercial acting. As I learned how to use slating, cold reading and monologues, I realized I grew more knowledgeable each week. Monty helped us find characters that were so important. He helped me get rid of my fear in auditioning or to cold read in front of people. His way of teaching this has given me confidence to do all this. The improvisations are wonderful to laugh at or to learn from. Then my first audition actually came along. I was ready for it. I knew how to handle myself in the audition room, how to be confident and fearless. Everything we worked on in class paid off. I truly grew as an actor in the years as Monty’s student and hope to continue on with my journey as Monty’s student and as the actor I am today.

Robert Mack from Oceanside, California – I’m glad I finally made the effort to find an acting class, and I’m so glad I walked into Monty’s. From the very beginning he countered all my expectations of a stuffy drama class, instead he was friendly, relaxed and yet seriously encouraging people to stretch themselves but to have fun in the process. Monty’s always been right about what I was capable of and always seems to know the right challenges that I need to improve myself. He’s got an experienced eye, and if you come to his class he’ll teach you how to transform yourself into a confident performer, and have a really good time doing so.

Phillip Gay, Ph.D. from San Diego, California – I enrolled in Monty Silverstone’s acting class, having received no formal training in any of the theatre arts, and knowing nothing about acting as a business. “Personal enrichment” was my only goal, however, I felt ready to go out on auditions for roles in both theatre and film production. Now six months later, I have speaking roles in three films produced by L.A. film companies and signed an agreement to appear as one of the lead characters in another film to be shot in the L.A. area, most of which I attribute to the training I received from Monty Silverstone classes. In Monty’s classes I learned how to prepare for an audition, how to totally assume the identity of a character, how to analyze a script, how to identify the subtext in every sentence, the importance of breaking the copy down into transitions, and countless other things that have served me well. Monty is not only a great teacher, but also a great actor who teaches by example. His classes are also small, thus allowing him to identify each and every one. I recommend Monty Silverstone’s classes to everyone. Thank you, Monty.

John Chalmers from Rancho Santa Fe, California – After taking several of Monty’s classes in Rancho Santa Fe, I discovered that one of my classmates had appeared in a performance of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” I was impressed by what she had obviously learnt in our class. I have to recount an incident that occurred soon after I had completed several of Monty’s classes. My girlfriend’s mother works at the Rancho Santa Fe library, and one day when I was in checking out some books, she came up to me and said that she thought that acting classes were very good for me, that I had become much more out-going and less reserved than I had been when she first met me. I recommend Monty’s acting classes for anyone who wants to impress.